German Military Documents

There are over 200 million pages of captured documents of the German armed forces. Coverage of different topics ranges from highly detailed to cursory. Please contact us with your area(s) of interest, and we can usually send you details on what is available for a given topic on the same day.

Subjects include:

  • German Army War Diaries (Wehrmacht / SS)
  • Senior Command of the Wehrmacht (OKH / OKW)
  • Army Groups
  • Armies
  • Corps
  • Divisions
  • German Navy (Kriegsmarine) Records
  • German Air Force (Luftwaffe) Records
  • Situation Maps of the German Senior Command (OKW / OKH)
  • Army Officer (Wehrmacht) Personnel Files
  • SS Enlisted Men Files
  • SS Officer Files
  • SS “RuSHA” Files (racial purity files required by SS men seeking permission to marry)
  • German Reports on Downed Allied Aircraft

(Note: For German Aerial Photographs, Technical Manuals, Photography, and Film / Sound Recordings, see our separate dedicated sections)