CIA Documents released under FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)

The CIA automatically declassifies all records 25 years or older, unless they are subjected to further classification as a result of review. The current database is over 11 million pages in scope, and currently covers all periods up to the end of 1988. Some pages have been partially redacted by analysts to protect information deemed still critical (eg., names of confidential informants), but this database is rich in details on a multitude of topics.

These are searchable by topic, and there are too many areas to list them all here. We do however include a listing of some main topics, but please feel free to contact us with your desired scope of search, and we will let you know what is available.

Partial List of Topics:

  • Air America Collection
  • Reconnaissance Aircraft Documentation
  • 1973 Arab-Israeli War
  • Berlin Wall
  • Bosnia, Intelligence, and the Clinton Presidency
  • CAESAR, POLO, ESAU Collection
  • CIA Analysis of the Warsaw Pact Forces
  • Civil Air Transport
  • Czech Invasion
  • Richard Helms Collection
  • Historical Review Panel
  • Intelligence, Policy, and Politics
  • Korean War Collection
  • Martial Law & Kuklinski
  • The Missile Gap
  • The National Intelligence Council (NIC) Collection
  • NIC China Collection
  • NIC Vietnam Collection
  • Original Wizards of Langley
  • President Carter and the Role of Intelligence in the Camp David Accords
  • Reagan Collection
  • Soviet & Warsaw Pact Military Journals
  • Stories of Sacrifice & Dedication
  • Studies in Intelligence Articles
  • Underwater Recovery
  • Vietnam Histories
  • Wartime Statutes