German Technical Manuals

German Technical Manuals

There are literally thousands of German technical manuals available. These were made in the 1930s / 1940s, and cover a huge variety of topics. Due to the breadth of the holdings, the easiest approach is to tell us exactly what interests you, and we will make some suggestions.

The Full Catalogue
Or, you can download the following PDF File which offers a full listing of what is available.  After making your selections from this listing, you can contact us for individual manual pricing.

Manuals Currently Available for Immediate Delivery
Currently, we have the following manuals available for immediate delivery.
[To follow]

Categories include:

  • Technical Users Manuals
    (vehicles, weapons, aircraft, equipment, etc.)
  • Maintenance Manuals
    (routine / periodic maintenance guides for vehicles, weapons, aircraft, equipment, etc.)
  • Equipment Overview and Repair Manuals
    (vehicles, weapons, aircraft, equipment, etc.)
  • Regulatory Manuals and Standards
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • Equipment
  • Battle Tactics
  • Military Code and Symbols
  • Military Justice Procedures
  • (and much, much more)